Camera Gear and Software used

Camera gear


As you can see, for about the price of photoshop elements or paintshop pro, I've got a full workflow with the above software.

Got to improve my noise removal step. I'm using the free version of Noiseware. But since I now have >8 bits files, I should review other solutions like noiseware pro, NeatImage or NoiseNinja to work in 16 bits color mode. On the other side, noise is not an issue from 200 to 800 ISO with my pentax. So that purchase is not a priority.

Regarding usage of color profiles, I'm quite convinced it is a real improvement. So I'm using an internet lab that is providing its own ICC profile. Regarding my own printer, my old e20 agfa scanner is not good enough to create good profiles, and since I'm using the internet lab when I want high quality prints (after processing with qimage) I do not want to pay for professionnal made profiles for my printer, that would link me to a paper brand. So no profile prism or vuescan purchase forseen.

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